Name: Liza Landsman

Leadership with Liza Landsman

Leadership with Liza Landsman


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Dave Carvajal: As you’ve built teams over time what are the leadership qualities that you admire the most, that you respect, that you look for in people as you build your teams and have led your teams?

Liza Landsman: When I think about building teams the leadership qualities I really look for are the following, One, I really like people who are insatiably intellectually curious. To me that’s sort of a signal of lifelong learners and people who will be open to learning from each other and learning from their own teams.

Liza Landsman: It’s really valuable in leaders for them to recognize they actually don’t know everything and that there’s a huge opportunity for them to learn from the people who are supporting them.

Liza Landsman: Second, I really look for people who recognize the truth that you can get anything done in this world as long as you don’t care who gets the credit. That to me particularly when working in large organizations is fundamental. It’s kind of that servant leadership that I think is really valuable.

Liza Landsman: And third I look for people who are really comfortable in their own skin. I think security breeds great leadership, it allows you to let other people’s light flourish and it also allows you to get over the fear of failure that is often the thing between a team and greatness.

Success with Liza Landsman

Success with Liza Landsman


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Dave Carvajal: So we’re here this morning Liza, thank you so much for joining us this morning, it’s great to have you. I wanted to get started, you know let’s talk a little bit about: who you are, how you got here, some of your greatest accomplishments and achievements?

Liza Landsman: I’m the chief customer officer at Jet. It’s cheating if you ask a mom what things she’s most proud of, by default I must say my two children. But professionally, I think really what we’ve accomplished at Jet over the last 13 months, since launch, is quite astonishing and certainly something I’m extremely proud of. So, a million customers by 7 weeks out, I think that puts us right between instagram and spotify in terms of speed to that number. Over $1 billion run rate in GMV by 10 months, 5 million customers at the 13 month mark, with 61 NPS score.  It’s not just that we’re growing fast and growing big, we’re also growing with love, which is a great place to be.

Dave Carvajal: And maybe we can take some time, Liza, and walk us through how you got to this place.  What was the mindset, what was the thinking, as you made decisions to move on in your career and progress to where you are today?

Liza Landsman: I was really fortunate fairly early in my career, I had a coach when I was at Citi Group who gave me an invaluable insight and frame for thinking about my career, which is to actually think about it like many people in finance think about the rest of the world – as if I were managing a portfolio. Think about the skill sets I wanted to acquire, the experiences I wanted to have, and what my non negotiables are, and to stop thinking about what job I want next or what role I want next. Just think about how I can make myself sort of more fit for purpose.

Liza Landsman: For me leading up to this role I’m really thinking about profound understanding of consumer, that’s been sort of a through line for a lot of the work that I’ve done, thinking about always the question of ‘in service of what?’ that is, “What greater good are we serving? But also what business purpose are the tasks in front of us?’

Liza Landsman: And, I think a lot of the work in finance and tech, which is really about the smart use of data, kind of all culminated in this role at Jet, which is such a marriage of where is the consumer now, and how do you extract insights from data to really deploy your capital from a marketing and operations perspective smartly.