Disruption, Impact & Global Scale with Steve Johnson

Disruption, Impact & Global Scale with Steve Johnson

By Dave Carvajal on April 25, 2016

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00:38 -- The 3 Important Aspects Of Leadership

02:03 -- The Importance Of Questions


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Steve Johnson: Besides the family, obviously I want to take care of my family and also give them an example. I really like three things personally. Am I making an impact? It’s something that I’m doing.

Steve Johnson: Well, I usually ask my team like, “What are you doing with your one beautiful and perfect life? You have a limited time, one run through this. Is it doing something where you are really making an impact? Are you learning? Are you having fun?”

Steve Johnson: The second is, for me personally, I like something that has global scope. I don’t know why but I think it’s just more interesting and makes me feel like I’m doing something with impact. And the third, sometimes it’s overused but I like something that’s disruptive where it’s something that’s really changing and doing something different.

Steve Johnson: Hootsuite, I thought was super fascinating because we were helping organizations all around the world manage social media which was blowing up. An organization simply could not keep up with it. They couldn’t do what they needed to do on social media without a solution like Hootsuite.

Steve Johnson: So that to me was disruptive. It’s changing. You’re moving from one communication media or type to another to do it. It’s driven by the customers. So those are the things that really give me real purpose and I want to make sure that what I’m doing is having an impact, as large of an impact as I possibly can have. Right or wrong, this is what motivates me.

Steve Johnson: I would be much more aware that you don’t have to know it all. And that is completely fine to ask lots and lots of questions and get advice early. I didn’t do that early enough.

Steve Johnson: Going back to the mentor question, I wish I had gotten mentors really earlier and I wish I’ve asked a lot more questions. And I felt that I was expected to know everything. I’m hired for this role. Act like you know it.

Steve Johnson: Well, the reality is most people don’t know exactly everything about that role. If I could go back in time tell my 10-year old self, I’m like, “Just constantly be looking.”

Steve Johnson: One of the things I tell my daughter, “The ABCs of life were ‘always be curious’. Just be curious. Ask questions. Learn and don’t act like you know it all because there’s no need for it.”

Steve Johnson: Some of the best people, I mentioned Dave Goldberg earlier, I mean, he was always asking questions. And some of the best execs that I have worked with and found are similar. They are the most humble of people and are always interested in finding out a different way; learning a different way and understanding how some things are changing; what’s going on. So that would be my advice.