Leadership 2 with Alex Douzet

Leadership 2 with Alex Douzet

By Dave Carvajal on December 19, 2016


Building trust with your employees is best achieved by finding common ground #Insights @adouzet [Click to Tweet]

Once you build a foundation of trust with your employees you can really create leadership inspiration #Insights [Click to Tweet]

NYC is a melting pot of cultures, nations, and races, but trust brings us all together @adouzet #Insights [Click to Tweet]

Alex Douzet: New York City is an international city, everybody in the world wants to be here and work here. And so as a result, we get people from different background, nation, culture, religion I mean just like me for example, I was born in France and raised in France, I wanted to come here, I wanted to work here and I was fortunate in my past jobs to work with people like, they came from China, they came out India, they came out Germany you know came out of Latin America.

Alex Douzet: As a result, after being able to work across the spectrum of nation and culture and I think the key recipe there is for people they have to trust you, they have to believe in you, they have to follow you. And you have to find something in common with people first before you can connect. And it can be as simple as well you know we went to the same college or we are following and we’re fan of the same football team or the same baseball team. Or we read the same book or whatever it is.

Alex Douzet: I think as a leader you have to take the time to get to know the people that going to be working with you. And just find what is that common ground, what do I have in common with that person. And it could be as little as we both love ice cream, we went to grad school together.  It does not matter what it is but to find the common grounds you can connect. Then when there is a connection, you start building foundation for trust, then trust you can really create leadership inspiration.