Leadership with Chris Hummel

Leadership with Chris Hummel

By Dave Carvajal on July 18, 2016

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Chris Hummel: Usually, your successes, if you hang on to them too much, will become your failures and your failures, if you really focus on and learn from them can be the platforms for your greatest successes.

Chris Hummel: Now what do I mean by that? It’s when you look at the technology markets that I’ve come from, innovation has been key and innovation often teaches you that what you did yesterday drives you to a point that if you keep doing it too long, you’re actually going to lose. You’re going to start to fall down. And so you have to have that agility to move right, to move left, to sort of not forget where you’ve been, not get rid of the tribal knowledge, not forget the recipe book or the playbook that you have, but to be able to say just because it worked doesn’t mean that I can’t challenge it going forward.

Chris Hummel: When I think about leadership, I look at it as a mindset much more than a title or a position.  You can have a big title. You can have a big business card. But it doesn’t mean you’re a leader. It might mean you’re a manager or administrator.

Chris Hummel: So when I look at what makes a leader to me, the first thing I look at is accountability. You have to be accountable for results. And again, it doesn’t matter from what position you’re coming from, you just have to take accountability for your own actions and very often even for the people around you in your team.

Chris Hummel: The second thing is to be genuine. A leader is somebody who actually is genuine whether they have to be forthright or whether they have to be blunt or whether they have to be a little bit softer, they’re always genuine in trying to do the right thing, in trying to get to the right answer, in trying to bring success for everybody. That’s sort of win, win, win situation.

Chris Hummel: The third, and this was taught to me by a friend of mine, Keith Ferrazzi, was generosity is actually very often the path to success as a leader is to be generous, not demand. Yes, you have to be demanding and set a very high bar but give, coach, offer advice, value. And that will actually show people that they can then reciprocate.

Chris Hummel: Those are the things that are leadership from a point of view that builds relationships that actually drive the business that all of us are in.