Leadership with Jim Madej

Leadership with Jim Madej

By Dave Carvajal on February 27, 2017


Leadership is the innovative opposite of management #Insights [Click to Tweet]

Management is doing things the way they are always done. Leadership is finding innovative solutions for problems [Click to Tweet]

“You need to find a set of people and a set of qualities based on the position that can make a great team” @jsmadej #Insights [Click to Tweet]

Dave Carvajal: How do you make a differentiation between management and leadership?

Jim Madej: I find a lot of people are very comfortable being managers. And what that means to me is, you know i was given an assignment when I was given the assignment here’s the twenty things we did. So it’s my job to be a steward of those twenty things that I was assigned to do. You know fill in these charts, file these reports. I think leadership is in some ways the creative opposite of that, right?

Jim Madej: Which is your given a problem to solve: grow the business by 30{f7a32599756963b989bde631f1a44401cc789db6f847c3735c9e8f651be632a4}, cut 25{f7a32599756963b989bde631f1a44401cc789db6f847c3735c9e8f651be632a4} out of our procurement costs. And you have to find innovative ways to do it, including building a team, looking at in-source, out-source, different suppliers, looking at new designs. You know to me that’s leadership. You’re struggling to solve a different type of problem in a different way, then just doing it the way it was always done. Like I said, there’s room for both without question. Different types of businesses require different sets of those skills.

Dave Carvajal: When you think about leadership, Jim, what are some of the qualities you look at in people to help you achieve your mission and set your goals?

Jim Madej: My leadership philosophy is interesting. I don’t look for one thing. What I look for is what the position requires. I truly believe it takes a village. If you have a dozen people on your direct staff and every one of them has a specific set of characteristics you’re gonna get one answer.

Jim Madej: Conversely, if you have a procurement department at National Grid was a highly risk-oriented group, meaning if they screwed up they screwed up to the tune of massive consequences so I looked for a leader in that job,

Jim Madej: You know based on the characteristics and responsibilities of the assignment that was more of a prudent, reserved, steady state leader that knew how to organize his team very very well with a bunch of experts. I think you need to find a set of people and a set of qualities based on the position that can make a great team. And you need to put the structure around them to allow for them to prosper. So I think my leadership philosophy maybe a little different.