Leadership with Liza Landsman

Leadership with Liza Landsman

By Dave Carvajal on March 20, 2017


Liza Landsman discusses the qualities of #leadership to look for when building your team #Insights [Click to Tweet]

“You can get anything done in this world as long as you don’t care who gets the credit” – Liza Landsman #teambuilding [Click to Tweet]

Look for people who are comfortable in their own skin. Security breeds great #leadership. #Insights [Click to Tweet]

Dave Carvajal: As you’ve built teams over time what are the leadership qualities that you admire the most, that you respect, that you look for in people as you build your teams and have led your teams?

Liza Landsman: When I think about building teams the leadership qualities I really look for are the following, One, I really like people who are insatiably intellectually curious. To me that’s sort of a signal of lifelong learners and people who will be open to learning from each other and learning from their own teams.

Liza Landsman: It’s really valuable in leaders for them to recognize they actually don’t know everything and that there’s a huge opportunity for them to learn from the people who are supporting them.

Liza Landsman: Second, I really look for people who recognize the truth that you can get anything done in this world as long as you don’t care who gets the credit. That to me particularly when working in large organizations is fundamental. It’s kind of that servant leadership that I think is really valuable.

Liza Landsman: And third I look for people who are really comfortable in their own skin. I think security breeds great leadership, it allows you to let other people’s light flourish and it also allows you to get over the fear of failure that is often the thing between a team and greatness.