Learnings 1 with David Sable

Learnings 1 with David Sable

By Dave Carvajal on November 7, 2016


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David Sable: How did I get here to be a CEO at a company like Young & Rubicam? I began actually in advertising when I was in high school.  I started writing copy.

David Sable: How I started writing copy as a senior in high school, I went to a very progressive high school and they figured by the time January rolled around you’re already in college, you got accepted.  The rest of the year was a bit of a waste so they had a work program.

David Sable: I went to work for friends of my dad’s at a local, in New York City, advertising which at the time was very, very well-known.  Small but very, very large in terms of their media output, in terms of the work that they produce and I went to work for them.

David Sable: I just had a knack for it and I started selling copy. All through school I sold copy and designed ads. I learned how to do production. I used to buy time at Channel 9 WOR New York, the smallest television station in the market and I would go 2:00 in the morning and pay whatever the low in the union rate was because they had studios open and do little commercials for people and things. Mostly for non-profits but I started doing a lot of work with.

David Sable: I had an opportunity to work for a company called New York Tel.  They were Young & Rubicam’s largest client at the time. They were beginning before the whole Bell system blew up. They were one of the largest. Worked for them, had an amazing time, amazing experience for me. I was writing and designing and doing stuff.  It just gave me tremendous opportunity in the summer.

David Sable: Then they said, “You got to work in Y&R,” and so I did. They helped me get a job there in 1976.  I was in the training program. I left there right after I graduated the training program. I got four times my salary which was probably about $8.

David Sable: At my next job I went to work at wells rich greene.  It was also an exciting opportunity. I had an opportunity to go to Israel. I went to Israel and founded a company in 1979-1980 with somebody who became my partner and still my older brother after all these years.  He was an Israeli.  He was a graphic designer, graphic artist, brilliant and done mostly B2B.   Somebody partnered us and it was the beginning of the high tech industry in Israeli which today is probably the most famous in the world but we were there at the very, very beginning of it.  And so, it was amazing.

David Sable: We learned how to do everything. The ads were obvious but we learned how to do annual reports and how to create booths for credible trade exhibitions, global ones and create the collateral for it. It was an amazing experience.

David Sable: I came back to the US and worked at Burson-Marsteller which is sort of a natural progression. It was something I didn’t know. I always wanted to do something I didn’t know, which we can talk about later. I went from there to run global accounts at Young & Rubicam because I had this global experience back in 1985 and not many people did. I was travelling the world in ’85.

David Sable: We didn’t have cellphones. There was no email. You got on a plane, you were gone for two weeks. Couldn’t always call back home.