Learnings 1 with Itzhak Fisher

Learnings 1 with Itzhak Fisher

By Dave Carvajal on December 9, 2016


Dave Carvajal: Itzhak what role has mentorship played in your life? Who have been some of the mentors for you?

Itzhak Fisher: So, I was lucky to work with people who had influenced my life in many many ways. For example, when I moved back to Israel in 1994 and I was fairly young, I called a guy that had just came from the UN back to Israel. He started his own political campaign to become a member of parliament. And he scheduled a meeting, and we finished the meeting and he says to me, “You’re going to be my treasurer.”

Itzhak Fisher: So, I was lucky enough to become the treasurer of Benjamin Netanyahu. Working with Benjamin Netanyahu for around 7 or 8 years taught me a lot how to read people. One of the qualities people tell me that I have is it doesn’t matter who I sit across the table with, I sit at eye level.

Itzhak Fisher: Being young and meeting a lot of very important people in my life and meeting them eye level and having eye level conversation, influenced me in a business world. I am who I am, and I meet people and have eye level discussions. It’s one of those things that work for you very very well in certain business situations.

Itzhak Fisher: So, Benjamin Netanyahu had a good influence on me in that part of my life. Recently when I joined Nielsen I started working with Dave Calhoun who was one of the top people at GE, joined Nielsen as a CEO. I never had worked in a corporate environment. He was very very smart in keeping me engaged in the jobs I was doing at Nielsen.

Itzhak Fisher: He actually is the guy that was at my last job at Neilsen was head of M&A and business development. I found out I am really good at it, so I did not know that I am as good as I was.

Itzhak Fisher: Working with someone I used to say to him on many occasions, he likes to give his executives a lot of rope in order to work and make decisions and freedom to make whatever decisions yet in hope you won’t hang yourself on the rope but use the rope smartly. Working in a large corporate environment was the freedom I had to operate and thrive to do a very good job and I thank him for that.