Making The World Better Through Leadership with Chris Hummel

Making The World Better Through Leadership with Chris Hummel

By Dave Carvajal on April 20, 2016

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00:31 -- Ambitions

01:20 -- Technology Influences The World


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Chris Hummel: There’s no question what drives me is the mission, right? I am ambitious. There’s no question about it. Hopefully, in the most altruistic of ways but in a personal way as well, I wish I had the skill to cure cancer. I wish I could look around the world and solve world hunger and really some of the most important and pressing issues. Unfortunately, for whatever reason, my life has not led me to where I have the skill sets or experience to do those kinds of things.

Chris Hummel: So what I focus on is how we, in our personal lives and in our business lives, are actually going to work; how we’re going to change the way we work together; how we’re going to collaborate; how we’re going to move the economy forward; how we’re going to move our society forward.

Chris Hummel: And so I think where the technology angle has always been so interesting especially to somebody who certainly didn’t start out as a technologist, become so critical is because the technology then allows us to do all these things. It is the tool. It is very often the fuel that allows us to accomplish the things we haven’t been able to do before.

Chris Hummel: And whether that’s an efficiency gain or whether that’s a new capability that we’d never had before. We’re just at I think, at the nascent precipice of how we work together; video conferencing, telephony, all these kinds of things, social media. They’re just starting to work together and really changing our behaviors as human beings. And you want technology sometimes to mimic the way that we naturally communicate and support that.

Chris Hummel: At the same time, you’ve got all this technology that allows for efficiency and transactional improvement and what not, that is allowing us to work at volumes and speeds we’d never been able to work before, add in connectivity and insight from data. There are some really phenomenal forces that are all coming together, fuelled by technology that could take us down a very dangerous path.

Chris Hummel: And I think it’s the job of leaders and thought leaders and influencers to make sure that that path we go down is not the dangerous one but much more towards that optimistic future where we’re now capable of doing so many more things.  And we use that to hopefully find people who are a hell lot smarter than I am to go solve cancer, world hunger, do all those kinds of things that are really far more pressing than whether I made another half a point on my profit or whatever else.

Chris Hummel: But those are the kinds of things that drive me to say, “I have a place. I have a role to play in ushering in this transition to whatever the next thing is.” And to be a part of it, I just think is phenomenal.