Success with Chris Hummel

Success with Chris Hummel

By Dave Carvajal on August 29, 2016


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Chris Hummel: Hi. My name is Chris Hummel. I am an Irish-Italian from Boston who speaks fluent Russian with a German last name, and lived seven years in Singapore. So go figure where that comes from.

Chris Hummel: But I guess that probably other than starting in a small town outside Boston, with relatively modest means and growing up, playing sports, doing all those kinds of things, I think from a career perspective, the most interesting part is I really started out wanting to be a diplomat. So I was going through the State Department process of how to become a diplomat to ultimately stamp visas and grow up and hopefully someday become an Ambassador.

Chris Hummel: Along the way, I tripped up and fell into this business thing where I started working with some of the biggest tech companies in the world – Apple, AT&T, and then ultimately, Oracle where I landed, my first job was actually in Kazakhstan. So I opened the office in Kazakhstan and literally had to worry about how do I get my email dial up at 3 o’clock in the morning and where do I get fax paper and open an office in a very entrepreneurial environment.  Yet, within a company that, at the time, was only about two-three billion dollars, not the Oracle we know today.

Chris Hummel: But grew that up, expanded that career oracle ASAP for a company that’s now called Unify, actually, just been bought by Atos, and ultimately with Schneider Electric, 30 billion dollar conglomerate, have held a number of sales, marketing, business development, channel operations, those kinds of roles.

Chris Hummel: So I’ve had the fortune of working with businesses that are going up and the fortune, I’d say fortune, of working with businesses that were going down as well. But if you really want to capture it in just a few key numbers, from a marketing perspective or business development perspective, I’ve personally generated programs and executed programs worth several tens of billions of dollars so probably somewhere around 25, 30 billion dollars worth of hard, cold sales opportunities I’ve actually created.

Chris Hummel: Now, from the sales point of view, I’ve probably sold one and a half to two billion in terms of personally, the sales teams that I was leading to kinda generate that. But if you really want to take an interesting look at the numbers from where I go or where I’ve come from, I look at the legacy that I left behind in terms of people.

Chris Hummel: So one of the numbers I like best is I think there are seven chief marketing officers who grew up learning from me. Now, I’m still a relatively young guy but I think that’s a great achievement to have that coaching tree, you would call it in sports, that I’ve been able to generate.