Dave Carvajal: Many years from now Lori how would you like to be remembered?

Lori Marcus: You know I always get back to, I feel like so much what defines me is being a mother. I love my work I love everything I’ve done for work but one of the most important things in my life is being a mother. And one of the things about being a mother is I am always conscious of the fact of always trying to be a good role model. And I’ve always said that if you were too in n number of years from now, I’m going to cry, interview one of my daughters and you said who was the most meaningful person in your life, who was the person that really inspired you?

Lori Marcus: That without thinking about it that they would say “my mother. My mother really inspired me because she treated people well, she was smart, she was hard working, she showed us that you can be a working mom and be a devoted mom and successful executive. She tried to be a good wife and a good daughter and a good sister and a good friend. And did all of that with getting up at 5 o’clock every morning, trying to eat right and stay healthy”

Lori Marcus: and everything else that I hope they would say and they would recognize the charitable things that I’ve done, in terms of my community service with my non-profit board work. But the notion that they just wouldn’t even have to think about it, that it would just be me. And so I think first and foremost I try to live my life everyday in a way that n number of years from now that that is what my daughters would say but not just my daughters, people that i’ve worked with, people that i’ve known.

Lori Marcus: When they say who’s someone that’s really inspired you, that’s left a mark not just on the organization or the project but whose left a mark on you personally and someone who believed in you and brought out the best in you and teach you to be the best that you can be without thinking about it those people would say “Let me talk to you about Lori Marcus, because she was somebody that believed in me and she helped me become a better version of myself,

Lori Marcus: that’s ultimately I feel like how I want to be remembered. The projects that we work on, you know soda at subway or oatmeal at McDonalds, or Keurig hot or Keurig cold or riders on the peleton bike. All those things are all amazing and there really fun and it’s a privilege that we get to do those for a living. But the impact you have on others to me is really the greatest legacy that you can have in your life.

Dave CarvajalLegacy with Lori Tauber Marcus