2015: Year Of The Startup

2015: Year Of The Startup

By Dave Carvajal on January 8, 2016 in Technology

One last post, as the brightly-shining promise of the New Year approaches:

This past year brought so much for which to be grateful in business and in life. We are still so grateful to Hank Paulson, and others we thanked and mentioned in last year’s post on gratitude. For new friends made; for old relationships made stronger; for the teams & companies that continue to make NYC a thriving metropolis of internet & tech enabled startups and for all our client-partners that had disproportionate growth, we are grateful.

And as part of this ecosystem, I’ve begun blogging seriously this year, and am excited to contribute more significantly to the community of people writing about tech. These are a few posts I’m most proud of:

Humility Is The High Road To Start-Up Success
Building A Startup Is Like Running An Ironman
The Two Most Common Qualities Of The Top 1% Of A+ Exec Talent

We started Dave Partners on a contrarian move during the bottom of the worst economic crisis the world had seen in over 80 years. When most headhunters scurried out of the headhunting business in 2009, we resolved to believe in the power of NYC entrepreneurs and also in the power of technology to create abundance and lead both the US and Global economies out of recession.

I believe that 2015 will be the year of the startup, when agile, lean, fast-moving startups in so many industries become a real alternative to the big-tech companies burdened with innovator’s dilemma. At Dave Partners, we’ve also declared 2015: The Year of the Lion.

With Love & Gratitude, wishing all of the members of our world, our community, our ecosystem and our family a tremendous 2015!

And thank you for reading! Please share with us what you are most grateful for and most excited about for 2015. Also, take a look at these posts for sharing.

Originally posted on Dave Partners blog.