Insights: Exceptional Business Leader Liza Landsman

By Dave Carvajal on February 6, 2017 in business, digital, Leadership, tech

Liza Landsman is an exceptional business leader who recently graced the cover of Adweek for her visionary leadership as Chief Customer Officer at Before she joined Jet, Liza served as CMO at E*Trade, Managing Director at BlackRock, Partner at Bravas Group and Managing Director at Citi.

“Jet is a totally different spectrum than Citi or E-Trade, and she’s succeeding in all of those different roles because of the core skill sets she has,” said Hema Widhani in the Adweek cover story on Liza. Hema is CMO at Prudential and worked with Liza at both Citi and E-Trade. “Liza’s one of those super-versatile business leaders that finds a way to make every business environment successful.”

Liza’s success story is a stunning example of why in business and in life, for creating stronger communities and enterprise value, women are the greater sex. When it comes to women leading in tech, Liza has big dreams.

Liza’s first mentor was another strong female entrepreneur, her mother.

As former CMO of E*Trade, Liza is often asked what happened to everyone’s favorite little guy on TV — the E*Trade baby. Where is he now? Retired on an island in the Pacific, Liza says.

Liza’s experience is truly global in scope and she has deep insights on what it takes to lead international teams.

It was such a pleasure talking with Liza about leadership and what the future holds for women in tech. For more of my conversation with Liza and other outstanding leaders, check out