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How to Lead Across Cultures: Global Insights from Top Exec Chris Hummel

How to Lead Across Cultures: Global Insights from Top Exec Chris Hummel

Chris Hummel is a one-of-a-kind international executive. He has years of experience leading global organizations in places as far-flung from his hometown of Boston as Kazakhstan and Singapore.

Chris is Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of United Rentals and has also served as the chief marketing officer of Schneider Electric SE. Chris has more than two decades of executive leadership experience in senior sales and marketing positions at Unify, SAP and Oracle. Over 13 years in a number of senior roles at Oracle, Chris helped Oracle’s customer service organization earn certification from J.D. Power and Associates for its “outstanding customer service.”

Chris’ success is proof that anyone can define his or her own unique path. He started on a track to become a U.S. diplomat. And he soon found himself traveling and working with some of the greatest tech companies in the world. Here’s how he built Oracle’s office in Kazakhstan from the ground up:

Great leaders don’t all march out of prestigious business school doors. Chris learned early that being different from the rest could become one of his strongest assets.

Leadership, for Chris, is more than a title — it’s a mindset. Chris looks for these three defining characteristics that all great leaders share.

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