Level 3 Recruiting™

Level 3 Recruiting™

By Dave Carvajal on April 25, 2016

Video Highlights

00:08 -- Level 1: Entry Level

00:16 -- Level 2: Mid Level

00:45 -- Level 3: Executive Level


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Level 3 Recruiting™:

Dave Partners is an executive search firm engaged in only the highest level of executive recruitment – called ‘level 3’ recruiting.

At the lowest level you have internet recruiting. This leads to a high volume of low quality candidates. It’s a terribly ineffective way to find a leader.

Level 2 recruiting, also known as “Referrals and Networking” limits candidates to those who are “Available and Convenient”. This is the kind of recruitment often seen at family owned or lifestyle businesses. In an effort to get quick and easy wins, the big search firms also primarily engage in large scale referrals and networking with people who are available & convenient because they are simply too busy to do the heavy lifting of top caliber work. This will lead you to mediocre results at best.

Level 3 Recruitment™ is about extracting and securing the highest caliber talent. It’s about identifying who are the best 40, 60, 80, 100 people, whatever it takes, who are the best people on the planet to come be a Chief Functional Officer for us. Those two words FOR US change everything, because then it’s about defining whether their personal DNA matches the cultural DNA of the CEO, of the executive leader of the organization.