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What You Need to Know About High Performance & the Science of Success

What You Need to Know About High Performance & the Science of Success

Dreams alone never took anyone anywhere. Dreams require massive action in order to become success stories.

I’m counting down to my third Ironman Triathlon. With just a few hours left before the race, what matters most now is the work I’ve put in for the past year to prepare. There are no shortcuts to high performance. There is no cramming for this physical, mental and spiritual test.

Fitness is a science, not an art. Nutrition is a science, not an art. They can be precisely measured, calculated, adjusted and improved. Research, data and strategy can be applied to optimize training and maximize power, performance and results.

The most important measures of athletic performance can easily be tracked—things like VO2 max: the measure of the maximum volume of oxygen an athlete can use, or your lactic threshold: how hard your body can work before it starts producing lactic acid. You can measure your body’s limits and set goals to improve.

Measuring base units of production for the purpose of elevating performance is key not only in sports, but also in business. What gets measured gets managed. What gets reported, improves. Success, too, should be approached as a science – it can be studied and advanced.

Here are some strategies, cool bio-hacks and tech I’ve discovered that have helped me optimize my own performance and Ironman training:

Nutritional Ketosis – Timothy Noakes, M.D., professor in the Division of Exercise Science and Sports Medicine at the University of Cape Town, teaches athletes to train their bodies to burn fat as a primary fuel source, a physiological process known as ketosis. His teaching is gaining traction around the world. The biggest change I’ve made in my training regimen for my 3rd ironman is how I refuel. This time around, I’ve altered my body to burn fat instead of carbs – based on research by Noakes and doctors Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney. Modeling the diet and training of Bevan McKinnon, I’ve increased my intake of coconut oil, fish oils, avocados and olives while reducing carb intake. This has allowed my body to become fat-adapted and access a source of fuel that is exponentially more available and sustainable than the common practice of carb-loading and sugar-burning. An aerobic metabolic assessment can measure your breath to calculate how much fat you’re burning versus how many carbohydrates in order to design an endurance performance plan that burns 50/50 fat and carbs during racing.  Ben Greenfield also touts nutritional ketosis for endurance racing since fat is a much cleaner fuel for the human body to burn and it burns longer, more efficiently and with less waste left over. Nutritional ketosis is the future of all endurance sports.

23andMe & DNAFit  – There has been a significant amount of research done that confirms the influence of genes on human physical performance and athletic ability. Through 23andMe, you can have your saliva tested to learn your genetic makeup. It gives incredible insights into your genetic ancestry as it relates to fitness, diet and sport. The DNAFit test goes one step further to tell you if your genetic makeup is better served by power workouts or endurance workouts. By understanding your genetic predispositions, you can optimize your workout and increase your performance gains exponentially. Based on my DNAFit assessment, I’m 37.5% power, 62.5% endurance—and that has very real implications on how I train.

Tanita RD-901 Body Composition Monitor – This is one of the most advanced tools to measure changes in your body composition—including important metrics like total body water, metabolic age, muscle mass and muscle quality. I love this thing and closely monitor my water intake and the affect it has on body fat and muscle mass.

Garmin Fenix3 HR Watch – This is the coolest and most versatile watch! At home, in the gym or at the office, I can monitor all my important metrics and activities—including triathlon, swimming, cycling, running, climbing, skiing, hiking, rowing, and even golf. I can keep track of all my health stats, including heart rate throughout the day, VO2, LT,  and activity including sleep patterns. It syncs up with the Garmin app which includes even more rich details to totally geek out on!

Wahoo Kickr & Peloton Indoor Bike Trainer – After factoring in traffic and road conditions, I found I could get a significantly stronger workout cycling indoors as opposed to outdoors. Wahoo Kickr was one of the most amazing tools for indoor cycling – that was until my wife got the Peloton indoor bike. This is a game-changer. Peloton not only tracks your performance with advanced metrics like cadence, resistance and output for each ride; it also allows you to compete against yourself, set new PR’s, follow other riders, and send and check social media status updates and data from other riders. It allows you to push yourself by ‘competing’ with other riders on Peloton. Having a social network of high performance athletes is a great support system. It keeps you sharp, accountable and striving for greater performance.

CryotherapyThis is serious stuff. And it has the serious benefit of instantaneously removing most or all of the aches, pains and soreness that come from overdoing it with your training program. Crossfit, interval training or powerlifting can create lactic acid build up that needs to be worked through. If your tolerance for being sore is low, cryotherapy can accelerate recovery. During Ironman training, I do this once a week. Cryotherapy has been used by top athletes to boost recovery, promote weight-loss and improve overall wellness. It has even been shown to boost collagen production to keep you looking healthy and youthful.

Hypoxico Altitude Training “Exposure to reduced oxygen levels (altitude or hypoxia) is a challenge to the human body because oxygen is the primary source of energy for our cells. Under a state of hypoxia the body strives to produce required amounts of energy with less oxygen available. To do so, a protein called Hypoxia Inducible Factor (HIF-1) sets off a host of reactions geared toward improving the body’s ability to utilize oxygen.” If you ask my friend Matt Eckert ([email protected]) for “The Dave Special” he’ll set you up with a sweet discount.

This is the greatest time to be alive. It has never been easier to understand, track and improve human performance in sport, business and life. Achieving victory, it turns out, can be accomplished in precise, measured units of progress!

Tech’s Top Executive Recruiter Dave Carvajal Co-Authors Bestselling Book

Tech’s Top Executive Recruiter Dave Carvajal Co-Authors Bestselling Book

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 06, 2016

Tech’s Top Executive Recruiter Dave Carvajal Becomes Bestselling Author with New Book, Masters of Success

Dave Carvajal, NYC’s top tech headhunter and a pioneer in online job search services, joined executive coaching expert Brian Tracy and other leading entrepreneurs to co-author the new book, Masters of Success. Since its release on June 28 this year, the book has topped two bestsellers lists.

In Masters of Success, leading entrepreneurs and professionals reveal their secrets for mastering success in health, wealth and lifestyle. The book ranked #10 in Direct Sales and #56 in Sales & Marketing on Amazon’s bestseller lists.

In his chapter, “Welcome to the Playground of the Fearless – How to Build a Billion-Dollar Business,” Dave shares his journey from a tough neighborhood in Brooklyn to co-founding HotJobs, being an early investor and executive at Ladders, and launching his own executive search firm, Dave Partners.

Since the advent of online job search through HotJobs, Dave has built the businesses and leadership teams that have shaped the tech landscape. In 1997, Carvajal co-founded HotJobs.com and power-built the fledgling startup to 650 employees, $125M in revenues, and a $1.2B market cap after its IPO.

“He single-handedly built what was recognized as one of the best sales forces in the tech industry. Today many of the people Dave recruited for HotJobs hold leadership positions in top companies across America,” said Richard Johnson, Founder and former CEO and Chairman of the Board at HotJobs.

Carvajal’s endeavors revolutionized hiring and job search, disrupting tech, media and advertising. By taking classified help-wanted ads from newspapers into the digital world, HotJobs and Ladders created massive efficiency and helped millions of job seekers in the process.

As CEO of Dave Partners, a bespoke executive search firm serving the high-tech sector, Dave leads an elite recruitment team that extracts and secures the executive leaders that drive high-growth at venture capital and private equity-backed companies.

Dave Carvajal and his co-authors will be recognized by The National Academy of Bestselling Authors™, an organization that honors authors from prominent independent bestseller lists. Masters of Success was released by CelebrityPress™, a leading business book publisher, and can be purchased on Amazon.com.

Via: International Business Times; PRWeb

Secrets To Success: Iron Will And Determination

Secrets To Success: Iron Will And Determination

In 2010, I had dinner with Madonna – Sister Madonna Buder, the “Iron Nun.” Sister Madonna’s story of success is amazing: She started training for Ironman triathlons when she was 48. In the Kona triathlon, Sister Madonna was knocked down in the windswept fields of lava where the road asphalt reaches 120 degrees Fahrenheit. The wind literally picked her up and dropped her in the harsh, hardened lava rock. She broke her collarbone. The following year, she returned only to have race organizers tell her that they had new weight requirements due to high winds and that she did not qualify. She swam, biked and ran the course anyway. “This is the USA, it’s a free country,” she reasoned. The following year, they changed the rules and she competed again, legitimately.

When we met, it was my first Ironman Triathlon. It was Sister Madonna’s 36th. We had dinner just 2 days before the big race, Ironman Canada. The day after the race, I would turn 40.

In Ironman competitions and entrepreneurial ventures, the most inspiring words of wisdom and insight seem to come from those who have real operating experience actually doing things versus hypothesizing about them. Sister Madonna could tell I had the nervous jitters of a first timer Ironman competitor. It wasn’t about technical knowledge as much as nervous anticipation. “If an 80-years-young nun could do this race, certainly you gentlemen have to believe that you are capable! Pain is temporary,” she said. “Ironman is forever!“

success iron nun ironman triathlon leadership dave carvajal

Sister Madonna is still a force to be reckoned with. Now 86, she’s pushing herself to limits people not even half her age even dream of achieving. Meeting Sister Madonna left me with three big lessons valuable in both business and in life:

1. Dream Big

“The only failure is not to try.” 

What defines greatness is not the ability to do something with ease, but the strength and audacity to keep going when something is really, really hard. In the four decades Sister Madonna has been competing, she has broken her hip twice, her right arm six times, her left arm twice, her shoulder, her collarbone and almost all her fingers and toes. She keeps going because, “the only failure is not to try.”

2. Strategy & Self-Mastery

“We have all been given different talents. We have to dig deep to discover them. And when we find them, we are obligated to use them for the greater good.”

Sister Madonna started running when she was 48 as a way to “harmonize the mind, body and soul.” Training for an Ironman and building a business mean learning to elevate all three – mind, body and soul. It’s an incredible process of self-actualization and you’ll need a strategy, tools and resources to reach your highest goals. I continue to discover better tools for measuring, learning and improving performance. Measure everything. Organize your data and glean insights to improve.

3. Work Hard & Achieve

“Your effort in itself is a success.”

All success begins with hard work and massive action. For years, Sister Madonna joked that she would train “religiously.” When she and all the Ironman competitors step up to the start line, we’ve already completed a longer race of preparing ourselves. People don’t run triathlons because they’re easy. The physical limitations and the emotional inner dialogue are all obstacles we choose to inflict on ourselves especially on the edge of an enormous achievement.

In business and in life, leadership and love are the highest calling for the life that is inside of us.